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Normal Seabrook/Wynyard Veteran Games

The Seabrook and Wynyard Veteran Golfers Group play alternate courses each week.
Wynyard Golf Course is played on a Tuesdays and the following Wednesday the group plays at Seabrook Golf Course.
The Duty Roster on the lower part of the Scores Page will reveal where the next meeting takes place. Progressive Tee Time - from 9.00 am. Visiting Vets from other clubs are always very welcome.


Northern Tasmanian Veterans Tournament Schedule 2015 / 2016


Wynyard Golf Club

All Members of the Wynyard Golf Club Inc. please note and remember that your club's Annual General Meeting is taking place this coming Tuesday the 7th of April in the clubs lounge at 7.30 for an 8 pm start. As a minimum of 25 members is required for our AGM we urge all members who can possibly make it to attend this short but very important meeting. Hope to greet you all on Tuesday!


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